Lava flowing towards the defense wall at Svartsengiþór Árnason

The mainstream of lava flow from the eruption at Sundhnúkagígar crater row appears to be moving towards the defense wall at Svartsengi, but the previous night it flowed eastwards from the crater.

This is what Elísa­bet Pálma­dóttir, natural hazard expert at the Icelandic Met Office, says.

The Civil Protection Coordination Centre was activated earlier last night when three lava tongues began moving over the defense wall at a similar location as on Tuesday. According to Pálmadóttir, another lava tongue has not been added. She also says that it looks like the lava flow is moving slowly.

She says visibility was limited near the crater until midnight regarding the volcanic eruption. During the night the lava was splattering from the crater like last night.




12 °C


Later today

12 °C



15 °C

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