Kringlan Mall reopened today: "I'm on cloud nine"

Baldvina Snælaugsdóttir, markaðsstjóri Kringlunnar.

Baldvina Snælaugsdóttir, markaðsstjóri Kringlunnar. Eyþór Árnason

“It’s like being in a constant emotional roller coaster. Now I’m just unbelievably joyful and grateful. I’d say that the work that has been done here in just five days is outstanding,” said Baldvina Snælaugsdottir, marketing manager of Kringlan Mall, this morning as the mall was reopened.

The building had been closed for the last five days because of a fire that occurred there, but there had been extensive water and smoke damage inside the building. The last days have been used for cleaning and preparation for opening the mall.

“It looked very bad here at first, with a lot of water and smoke coming into the house, but to have been able to clean up so well, taking away everything that was destroyed by the smoke and the things that are ruined is unbelievable,” Snælaugsdóttir said, adding.

“Everyone has been on deck to make this happen, so today I’m on cloud nine.”

People coming in this morning.

People coming in this morning.þór Árnason

Always believed the house would open today

A lot of work had been done to clean up the building and it was originally planned that the building would open on Tuesday.

“However, the air quality was not where we wanted it to be and we had to get rid of the smell, so we put off the opening for two days.”

Snælaugsdóttir said she had always believed that the building would open today. A meeting was held with merchants yesterday where they were very pleased with how well and quickly it was possible to open again.

Everyone smiling today

Quite a lot of people came to shop when the Kringlan Mall was reopened to the stores that could be opened and also to the restaurants and cafés.

“We have our regular customers, like the people who meet every single morning at the café. They’ve taken their joy today to be able to meet again at their favorite place,” she said, adding:

“It seems to me that the customers are smiling today here in the mall – as we are.”




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