The Sports Hall in Grindavík will be demolished Magnússon

The town council of Grindavík has authorized the director of the Department of Planning and Environment to begin preparation work for the demolition of the multi-purpose Sports Hall Hópur in Grindavík.

This is stated in the councils’ minutes.

The sports building, built in 2008, was badly damaged by the earthquake in Grindavík and a large fissure was created under the artificial grass field.

Nothing else to do in the situation

“It has been clear for quite some time that the building was completely destroyed. The building lies on top of this huge so this was completely clear,” says Ásrún Helga Kristinsdóttir, president of the Grindavík City Council, in the wake of the decision.

Ásrún Helga Kristinsdóttir.

Ásrún Helga Kristinsdóttir. Photo/Sent to

She says there is nothing to do but tear down the building and prevent loose steel plates and other items from blowing up next winter.

Grindavík town received compensation for the building from the Icelandic Natural Disaster Insurance. When asked, she said she did not have information about the cost of the demolition.

Starting the demolition soon

She expects to begin demolition in the next few weeks. Some parties have shown interest in taking care of the project. Also, at the town council meeting, it was discussed to try to safe some of the building's materials for reuse.

“This house was so great for us. Children got to play there and it was their social center. This house is very much cherished and will be missed,” she adds but the house was, among other things, the home for games and practice for the younger groups in football.

The Primary school will probably also be demolished

According to Kristinsdóttir, more reports of demolitions are expected shortly, as many houses in the town have been destroyed.

For example, it will be examined very closely whether the new building of Hópur Primary School, which housed a department for younger elementary school children, will be demolished. The new building was put into use in 2009. That building is located on the same fissure as Hópur Sports Hall.




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