Define the Nordic Resistance Movement as a terrorist organization

The neo-nazi organization Norðurvígi or Northern Front is the Icelandic …

The neo-nazi organization Norðurvígi or Northern Front is the Icelandic part of the Nordic Resistance Movement, NRM. Már

The US government has defined the Nordic resistance movement, or the neo-Nazi group Norðurvígi or Northern Front, as the movement is known in Iceland, as a terrorist organization.

The US Department of State for Foreign Affairs reported on this Friday and also identified the three leaders of the movement as a terrorist threat.

The statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs states that the Nordic Resistance Movement (NRM) is the largest neo-Nazi organization in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Iceland, as well as in Finland, where the organization has been banned since 2018.

The decision is taken because of the movement's violent actions against Jews, foreigners, and queer people.

EU has not defined the organization as terrorists

NMR originates from the Swedish opposition movement, which was founded in 1997, and subsequently became the Nordic opposition movement in 2016.

Fredrik Vejdeland, one of the leaders of the Nazi-led coalition, sent out an announcement in response to the decision of the government of the US. In it, he argues that the NMR is not a terrorist organization but a perfectly legal organization that engages in the formation of opinion.

Vejdeland also points out that neither the European Union nor the Swedish government has defined the organization as a terrorist threat. However, the organization has been associated with terrorist attacks on the Nordic countries.

In January, it was reported that the propaganda of the organization was beginning to appear in many parts of the capital area and Akureyri.




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