Serious knife attack in a home in Súðavík


Súðavík.ður Bogi

A man was stabbed with a knife in a home in Súðavík late last night and he was taken by air ambulance to a hospital in Reykjavik. A young man, who is suspected of the act, was arrested at the location.

This is reported in today’s announcement by the Westfjords Police, which stated that the police received a notice of fighting in a home in Súðavík, just before midnight yesterday.

The man who was the victim of the stabbing attack had a life-threatening stab wound that needed further treatment but he is now out of danger.

A young man was arrested and taken to the prison in Ísafjörður. The Chief of Police in the Westfjords will today file a motion for the District Court of the Westfjords to detain him, based on investigative interests.

“Our men were quick to take control of the scene and the suspect was arrested immediately and taken to the police station. He will be brought before a judge afterwards,” Helgi Jenson, police chief in the Westfjords, told

He says that the investigation is in early stages and it is not time to give further information on the matter.




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