Another burst could occur in the next days

The picture is taken at the eruption site yesterday.

The picture is taken at the eruption site yesterday. Jóhannesson

Measurements indicate that inflation has resumed at Svartsengi, but the eruption at Sund-hnúkagígar crater row has been ongoing for thirteen days.

“It looks like inflation has resumed since last weekend and the deformation measured in the first days of the eruption has therefore ended. It is not possible to estimate the speed of the inflation at this time, but it can be assumed that the inflow of magma into the magma collection chamber has become more than the outflow from the crater,” the Icelandic Met Office’s website states.

The volcanic eruption has been stable but one crater is active and activity has been similar in the last few days. Seismic activity has been very low in the last week, only a few earthquakes have been measured.

Still a movement of the lava tongue

The lava tongue, which flows northwest along a similar route to the one that crossed Grindavíkurvegur Road on Saturday, is still moving. Its active perimeter is still a few hundred meters away from the road and moves very slowly.

“Lava is still accumulating in a lava pond just southeast of Mt Sýlingarfell, which could spill over again and trigger another burst in the coming days,” is added in the announcement.




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