Climbed one of the more difficult peaks in Iceland

Mountaineers Sigurður Bjarni Sveinsson and Ales Cesen climbed the top …

Mountaineers Sigurður Bjarni Sveinsson and Ales Cesen climbed the top of Hraundrangi in Öxnadalur recently. Composite image

Mountaineers Sig­urður Bjarni Sveinsson and Ales Ces­an climbed the top of Hraun­drangi in Öxna­dalur and posted a powerful video from the trip on their Instagram.

“It was not too lonely at this summit... This is Drangi, an iconic summit in the north of Iceland. I went up there with my friend Ales Cesen, who led the climb. Felt a little more like gardening than climbing but it was a very fun experience,” Sveinsson wrote in one of the videos.


Was long considered unclimbable

Hraundrangi is a mountain peak on Drangafjall, which is visible when driving through the ring road in Öxnadalur Valley. The peak is 1,075 meters above sea level and was considered an impassable peak for a long time, but there were many legends about it, including that the top of the peak was filled with gold, which was to belong to those who would be the first to climb Hraundrangi.

On August 5, 1956, the peak was climbed for the first time, and it was Finnur Eyjólfsson, Sigurður Waage, and Nicholas Clinch who were the first to top the summit, although they were not awarded a chest nor gold when they got to the top.

Since then, however, several people have climbed the peak, which is famous for its shape, but it is extremely pointed and has a tiny ledge to stand on.

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