Some changes in seismic activity detected

Seismic activity in Svartsengi is increasing.

Seismic activity in Svartsengi is increasing. Magnússon

The situation on the Reykjanes peninsula is similar, but there are small changes in seismic activity in the magma channel under Svartsengi.

“Their number of earthquakes are around 90 now, but have been between 50 and 80 in the past week,” Jóhanna Malen Skúladóttir, a natural-hazard specialist at the Icelandic Met Office, tells us.

According to Skúladóttir, the accumulation of magma under Svartsengi continues to cause inflation and added tension in the land itself.

“We’re waiting for a magma run. No one would be if an eruption were to happen, but of course, it’s a complicated system and it’s hard to tell what will happen and when,” she says.




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