Introducing new development plans for the Kringlan area

The plan focuses on a walkable residential area close to …

The plan focuses on a walkable residential area close to shops and activities.

Plans for the new development of the Kringla area were introduced in the Ásberg hall at Kringlubíó cinema yesterday.

A project will also be opened on the ground floor of Kringlan along its pedestrian street so that the public can find out more about it.

Yesterday's introduction had a Q&A regarding the proposals, but people can also comment on the proposals on the website of the Icelandic National Planning Agency.

Sheltered and sunny street spaces

The project intends to create a diverse housing structure in the Kringla area, along with new sheltered and sunny street and plaza spaces that connect to larger outdoor spaces.

The main objective of the proposal is to develop a new urban environment.

There is a focus on diverse means of transportation and especially in making a walkable area with open spaces in a well organized residential area

“The proposal aims to create a humane, green, and sheltered urban environment influenced by the diversity of the Reykjavik architectural tradition. A new neighborhood will create a setting for a lively local community that will benefit from the proximity to a wide range of shops, services, and culture,” says Sigurjón Örn Þórsson, CEO of Kringlureitur ehf.

The old Morgunblaðið Printing Factory will become a cultural hub

There are also plans to transform part of Morgunblaðið old printing factory into a cultural hub to allow life and diverse activities to add value to the area.

The draft of the first phase of the Kringla-area division plan, covers the land Kringla-area 1-3 and Kringla-area 5. The authors are the Danish drawing agency Henn­ing Lar­sen and THG Architects. The proposal is made for Reitir Real Estate Company.




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