Four men arrested in relation to a murder in a summerhouse

The four individuals are now in custody.

The four individuals are now in custody. Jóhannesson

Four men are detained by police on suspicion of being involved in a possible murder at a summer house in the upper parts of Árnessýsla county in the South of Iceland.

This is confirmed by Jón Gunn­ar Þór­hall­sson, chief of police in South Iceland, in a conversation with

He says that the initial work on the case is still ongoing and that the investigation has been ongoing all night long.

“There has been a lot of work done and that work is still ongoing.”

According to Þórhallsson, all those arrested are of foreign origin but reside in Iceland. The man who died was also of foreign origin. Jóhannesson

Suspicion arose on the scene

“All the accused were arrested at the scene shortly after the arrival of the response team, but there was already a suspicion at the scene that the man’s death was carried out criminally,” the South Iceland Police stated in a notice.

“As has been mentioned, an emergency call to 112 was received about a loss of consciousness just before 14:00 yesterday, April 20. The suspects, along with the deceased, are all men of foreign origin.”

The demand for custody was heard in the District Court of South Iceland this afternoon and later in the day the District Court of South Iceland decreed the four men in custody, who are suspected to be involved in the murder of a man in a summer house yesterday. .

“The police investigation aims to reveal the circumstances at the scene and how the death occurred. Due to investigative interests, the police are unable to provide further information on the case at this time,” the announcement also states.

Two were decreed to be held in custody until April 30 and the other two until April 24. All were decreed on grounds of investigative interests and are now under isolation.

Summerhouse in the land of Kiðjaberg

The summer house in question is located in the land of Kiðjaberg in Grímsnes, which was confirmed by Jón Gunn­ar Þór­hall­sson, chief of police at the South Iceland Police, to




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