A nuclear-powered submarine can be seen from the window

Photo/Margrét Edda Arnardóttir

The nuclear-powered submarine USS New Hampshire is currently seen by some living in Suðurnes on the Reykjanes peninsula from their living room window. This is the fourth service-based visit of an American submarine to the country.

Ásgeir Erlendsson, information officer of the Icelandic Coast Guard, tells us that this service visit is for getting picking up supplies and also changing some of the crew.

The Icelandic Coast Guard has been performing these services under an agreement with the US Navy since last year.

Here the patrol vessel Þór can be seen escorting the …

Here the patrol vessel Þór can be seen escorting the submarine to get supplies. Photo/Margrét Edda Arnardóttir

Don't see this every day

The patrol vessel Þór escorted the submarine to territorial waters and is also visible with the submarine at the moment off Helguvík. When the visit is completed, Þór will follow the submarine out of the territorial waters.

In a post on the Facebook page “Garðmenn og Garðurinn” a website for the community Garður, Margrét Edda Arnardóttir posted some pictures of the submarine and wrote:

“Not every day you see a submarine from your window.”




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