Daði Freyr dancing and singing in Bob's Burger

Daði Freyr fits well in with the Belcher family in …

Daði Freyr fits well in with the Belcher family in the hit show Bob's Burger! Composite image

Simon Chong, artistic director of the American comedy show Bob's Burgers, is a big fan of Icelandic musician Daði Freyr Pétursson. He showed his admiration in action and created a fun video of Daði Freyr, who shows the musician dancing and singing in the kitchen of the burger joint. The video also shows some of the main characters of Bob's Burgers.

Chong posted the video on his Instagram on Wednesday, which was greatly received by his followers and fans of the show, which aired on January 9, 2011.

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Was fascinated at a concert

Chong was one of the concert-goers at Daði Frey's concert in Los Angeles recently and was fascinated by the Icelandic musician's songs and performances. After the concert, Chong sat down at the drawing board and created 300+ pictures and video captures of Daði Freyr with the Belcher family.

Daði Freyr saw the video and wrote a note to Chong’s entry, saying that he was delighted with this fun and unexpected honor, but the show is a favorite of his. Daði Freyr posted a photo on his Facebook page, thanking him very much for his honor.




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