The Blue Lagoon is closed today due to gas pollution Jóhannesson

The Blue Lagoon is closed today due to gas pollution from the eruption in the Sundhnúkagígar crater row. The plan is to open it tomorrow.

This is stated in an announcement on the Blue Lagoon website.

The Blue Lagoon reopened on April 6 after being closed since the eruption began on March 16.

“The eruption at Sundhnúkagígar crater row is active, but lava flow does not pose a threat to the infrastructure at the Blue Lagoon’s operations. The main factors affecting the operations of the Blue Lagoon are the effect of the eruption on air quality,” the Blue Lagoon announcement states.

Have increased the number of gas meters

It is also revealed that the Blue Lagoon has expanded the network of gas meters in and around the Blue Lagoon. There is a weather observation station at the Blue Lagoon where weather and winds have a decisive influence on the air quality of the area.

“We continue to follow the recommendations of the authorities to the fullest and keep an eye on the situation in collaboration with the authorities and experts. We work every day to ensure the safety of our employees and visitors, learn from the experience and use new knowledge in a constructive way,” the announcement reads.




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