Ask people to be careful in steep slopes

At dawn yesterday a few natural avalanches were detected in …

At dawn yesterday a few natural avalanches were detected in the slopes of Tröllaskagi. Helgason

The Icelandic Met Office asks outdoor activists in the North-West and Eastfjords who plan to take advantage of the good weather and the new snow in the coming days to be careful. There are many areas where there are warnings of avalanches and there is a high chance that people traveling in steep terrain can start an avalanche.

The Icelandic Met Office’s flood watchdog reported this in a blog post yesterday. At Easter, the northeastern winds were sustained with short intervals, and little visibility was limited in the mountains.

At dawn yesterday, numerous natural avalanches were spotted on the Tröllaskagi peninsula, around Eyjafjörður and near Eskifjörður. Then drivers of snowmobiles in the mountains caused a few avalanches.

In the next few days, the weather is forecast to be very moderate with little snow or rain. Freezing temperatures will continue in the northern half of Iceland. In these conditions, there is a risk that weaknesses in the snow cover will persist and that travelers traveling in steep terrain will be able to start an avalanche.

“Outdoors activists are advised to be very careful and avoid steep slopes where snow has accumulated. The website of the Icelandic Met Office contains slopes maps and instructions that can be used to reduce the risk of avalanches significantly,” the website concludes.




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