The case has not been appealed yet

Sindri Snær Birgisson and Ísidór Nathansson.

Sindri Snær Birgisson and Ísidór Nathansson. Jóhannesson

The State Prosecutor has not yet appealed the ruling in the case of Sindri Snær Birgisson and Ísidór Nathansson. The Prosecutor has a week until the appeal expires.

This is confirmed by Sveinn Andri Sveinsson, the defense lawyer for Sindri Snær Birgisson, in a conversation with He says the deadline is April 9, i.e. one month from the date of the court hearing.

Often decided at the last minute

When asked if he thinks there is any chance of appealing the case when this time has already passed, Sveinsson says that doesn’t necessarily mean anything.

“I’ll just say as often, that this is decided at the last minute. Easter comes naturally into this, so it’s not that much time.”

The two men were acquitted on March 12 of charges of attempted terrorism and participating in attempted terrorism. They were convicted of violations of weapons laws and Birgisson was sentenced to 24 months in prison and Ísidór to 18 months in prison.




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