Not spending Easter on the couch eating chocolate

Gummi Emil does not let cold weather stop him from …

Gummi Emil does not let cold weather stop him from working out outdoors. Here he is at the top of Esja "cold training" in his shorts.

Private trainer Gudmundur Emil Jóhannsson, better known as Gummi Emil, has been training to go out into all weathers. He recommends getting some fresh air during the Easter holidays instead of eating too much of Easter eggs.

Gummi Emil started getting used to being outside in the cold before New Year’s Eve. “I was surprised to find out how comfortable I feel in the cold and wind, barefoot and in shorts,” he says, and he likes bike riding to get some fresh air and exercise.

Do you use a car?

“I use a car, but I don’t need a car. It takes me 15 minutes to bike to Skeifan on a sun bike and I’m 12 minutes on the ‘fat bike’. I’m faster on the bike. I like the light, I like the cold, I’m just an outdoorsy person. I don’t like sitting in traffic. I like riding more safely, and I feel a little more connected to God and the earth.”

Goes out every hour

Gummi Emil goes out regularly to get a light, which he says is important for the body.

“I try to go outside every hour even when it’s cloudy to get light in my eyes and light in my body. Now the sun is bringing more and more vitamin D. But you should not use sunscreen in Iceland,” Gummi Emil says, advising people to go against the advice of most dermatologists.

Dealing with the weather is simply a state of mind.

Dealing with the weather is simply a state of mind.

The personal trainer practices what he calls cold training and has built up a lot of endurance over the last few months. “I’ve been doing this every day since December. Now I can go up Esja in minus eight degrees Celcius topless and just in my shorts. I started with ten minutes just going for short walks. It’s really good to drink ice-cold water before you do cold training,” says Gummi Emil, who drinks 300 to 800 ml before he leaves.

Even though Gummi Emil is grateful for the natural light that comes with Easter and spring, he says it’s not good to get too much of it. He wears certain “blue blocking” glasses after six o’clock. He also says it’s important to create total darkness in his house, but good sleep is his favorite.

Good to use the energy for other things than Easter eggs

Gummi Emil can’t recommend staying under a blanket and watching Netflix if the weather gets bad at Easter.

“Many people are having a little too much Easter eggs. It’s better to try to use your energy. Go to the gym or go for a walk. I have a very good relationship with food now, but once I ate so much that I my stomach was killing me, but then I went for a half-hour walk and my stomach was good. Food is more digestible after you take a walk after a meal. It’s better to take a ten-minute walk than to go to bed.”

What are you going to do this Easter?

“I’m going to a Liverpool game with my family.”

How do you maintain a routine when you’re abroad?

“It’s just brilliant. You’re always walking. It’s a good meditation and you don’t know anyone. You’re in a free flow. I’m full of inspiration when I come to the country. Then I eat as healthy as I can. I get a steak once a day. Try to take eggs in the morning. I like to eat six to 12 eggs in the morning, then I don’t need to eat anything for the next four or five hours.”

What about the chocolate eggs?

“People eat too little of normal eggs and too much of Easter eggs. People might think six eggs are too much, but then they might eat half a kilo of Easter eggs. It’s completely ridiculous how many people have been deceiving us and telling us how unhealthy eggs are because of cholesterol. It’s a total myth and a misunderstanding. But the Easter eggs should only be eaten in moderation and people need to ask themselves if they are hungry or bored. You get dopamine when you eat sugary Easter eggs! But can you get dopamine elsewhere? Can’t you just go out into the cold,” says Gummi Emil, who says the method is a natural way to feel good.

Gummi Emil is upping his game this summer and aiming higher than Esja. He plans to stay in a tent regularly, which he says is good for his sleep. He also plans to climb higher peaks. “I need to find mountain groups. I’m going to try to go to Glaciers this summer in my shorts. Just take Wimhof on it. If he can do it, I can do it,” he says, full of confidence.

The private trainer Gummi Emil recommends getting your dopamine from …

The private trainer Gummi Emil recommends getting your dopamine from moving outside instead of eating too many chocolate eggs.þór Árnason




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