Water taxis could connect the capital area

Here is a map showing the possible routes Þingvangur envisions …

Here is a map showing the possible routes Þingvangur envisions for the sea buses. Source/Þingvangur

Building a network of sea-buses in the capital area could reduce travel time significantly and provide new activities for locals and tourists.

Pálmar Harðarson, owner of Þingvangur, points this out, having commissioned an architect to draft such a network, which is reflected in the graph seen here above. He calls for a response from the planning authorities, who can further develop the ideas.

At Hafnarfjörður harbor and in Gufunes

The southern station would be at Hafnarfjörður harbor and the next stop would be on the north side of Álftanes. From there, the ship would be in the Sjáland area in Garðabær and Harðarson would see two stations there, one at Sjáland area to the west and one at Sjálands restaurant and meeting place, which the owners of World Class intend to turn into a fitness and restaurant.

From Sjáland, the ship would sail to Kársnes in Kópavogur, and as in the Sjáland area, Harðarson envisions two stations, one at Kársnes-marina and the other at the facilities of the sailing club in the north of Kársnes. From Kársnes, the ship would sail to Nauthólsvík, then to Skerjafjörður. From there, the route would lead to Seltjarnarnes, then to Reykjavik port, and finally, the terminal would be at Gufunes.




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