All Blue Lagoon operations reopened Magnússon

All Blue Lagoon operations have been reopened and the opening extends to all operational assets, including the Blue Lagoon, Blue Café, restaurants Lava and Moss, hotels Retreat and Silica, Retreat Spa, and the local store.

This is stated in a Blue Lagoon notice, which states that the decision was taken in close consultation with the authorities.

Last Saturday the Blue Lagoon was evacuated, as well as Grindavík, due to seismic activity that scientists thought might lead to an eruption in the area. It took less than 40 minutes to evacuate the premises.

“A new section of the road at the detour to the Blue Lagoon is now open, so visitors can drive the usual route to us again. Please note that the new section of the road is a gravel road, but it will be tarmacked later,” the announcement states.

It also states that visitors are asked to note that the operations are within a danger zone due to earthquakes according to the assessment by the Icelandic Met Office. In the event of a large earthquake or possible volcanic eruption, visitors will be informed and appropriate measures will be taken.


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