Video: Very dangerous driving on Reykjanesbraut

Two tech-workers at Rúko were shocked yesterday when they drove along the Reykjanesbraut, towards town, and encountered a bus driving toward them at full speed on the wrong side of the road.

As can be seen in the attached video, the cars had to make a quick detour to the side of the road so that the bus could make its way.

“We had a camera on the dashboard as always, and suddenly we saw the cars before us switch to the side and then this bus came toward us on the wrong side of the road heading straight at us,” Har­ald­ur Ing­þór­sson tells us.

Ingþórsson was a passenger in a car at his work­partner, Vil­hjálm­ur Magnús­son, when the incident occurred, but those­ workmates­ were on their way back to town after having inspected a work vehicle related to the construction work on Reykjanesbraut.

Scary situation

Ingþórsson says­ that luckily there was enough space on the side of the road­ for the car­s to give way to the bus.

“Vilhjálmur then followed the bus in the rear-view mirror and saw it drive on the wrong side of the road or at least as far as he could follow it in the mirror. The bus drove up an upward part of the road with a blind spot there behind us, but we don’t know how the cars that came behind us reacted,” Ingþórsson says, adding that they were shocked by the incident.

“We were not at the front of the line of cars that first encountered the bus and we had a good place, with plenty of room next to us. We saw other cars before us give way so we had plenty of time to react. So we never had such a scary moment, but it was nonetheless scary to see the bus coming at full speed right at us.”

Thankfully they had time and space to get to the side of the road

When asked, Ingþórsson says­ that­ he ­did­ not notice­ whether some­ passengers­ were ­on­ board the bus.­ He­ says that it was not easy to read the expression on the driver’s face to see if he was aware of the risk that he was creating.

“It seemed to me that the bus was unmarked and was a type of car-rental bus, but it’s true to say that the cars that were behind us had much less room than us to turn away. We were just so fortunate to be right by the interchange that leads to aluminum smelting plant.”






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