Says tourists are wandering around Grindavík without supervision


Grindavík. Jóhannesson

At the same time that the residents of Grindavík were forced to leave their homes and leave the town after visiting their property, tourists who had an errand to the Blue Lagoon could enter the town unsupervised.

Thus, Sólný Pálsdóttir, who is one of the residents of the street Efrahóp, which is the street where the lava passed, has looked up at tourists standing on hot lava and taking pictures of properties that went under the lava.

Sólný Pálsdóttir says it is not right that tourists can …

Sólný Pálsdóttir says it is not right that tourists can wander in the town without supervision, when residents have been battling to get their belongings within a strict supervision on a tight time schedule. Screenshot/Dagmál video

"There I was noticing tourists who are standing by the lava and are taking pictures of the ruins of other people's houses. As a resident, we would not do it out of respect for those who are losing their houses," she says.

Then she says tourists have been climbing in scalding hot lava. "Then someone gets injured and then it's us the residents of Grindavík who are criticized and it's pointed out that it's so dangerous to be there. But this is something we would never do," she says.

In mbl .is Dagmál streamed interview, she says that last Saturday when she was trying to get some of her belongings from her house, the family was told they had to leave town . On their way out she met a group of tourist buses going to the Blue Lagoon, and she said there was noone monitoring their travels, and whether they went into town or not, whereas local residents have a much more restricted access .




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