Warning against thieves at ATMs

When the client had put in the PIN number for …

When the client had put in the PIN number for the card, one of the thieves distracted the person so another one could get a hold of the card. Photo/Colourbox

Landsbankinn warns against thieves who steal cards from people who are withdrawing money from ATMs and reiterates the importance of no one seeing when a PIN is entered.

The bank reports that at least one of Landsbanki’s customers was hit by thieves at an ATM during the week. The bank’s officials believe there is every reason to believe they will try to repeat the game, either at Landsbanki’s ATM or elsewhere.

Four worked together

“In the case we know of, it appears that four people, three men and one woman, worked together to commit the theft. One of the two was watching, as a customer of Landsbanki deposited his card in an ATM at the bank’s branch in Borgartún. When the customer had entered a PIN, the fraudster made it look as if the customer had lost a ticket to the floor. While the customer bent down to pick up the ticket, another member of the gang came up to the ATM and took out the card while his partner continued to distract the customer from what was happening. The thieves then went to a nearby ATM and took money out of the customer’s account, as they had both a card and a PIN,” the bank’s website announces.

Not common in Iceland

It is pointed out that methods like these are well-known abroad but are not common here. It is also stated that the case has been reported to the police who are investigating the case.

“We reiterate the importance of ensuring no one can see the PIN when it is entered. It is also very important to be wary of any interruption during the withdrawal. Response to fraud: If you believe that someone has been able to access your credit card, it is important to freeze or close it immediately. If your card or card number is stolen, you can freeze it immediately in the Landsbanki app. We recommend that you also contact us as soon as possible at 410 4000, by sending us an e-mail at landsbankinn@landsbankinn.is or via the online chat. Outside of the bank’s service hours, you can call 525 2000, an emergency number for Visa cards,” is written on the website.




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