Could be looking at another eruption as early as next week

The amount of magma accumulating under Svartsengi is now similar …

The amount of magma accumulating under Svartsengi is now similar as it was in the wake of last volcanic eruptions.Árni Sæberg

If magma accumulation continues at the same rate as it is now, magma levels will reach the level in the coming week that is considered necessary to trigger the next magma outburst and even a volcanic eruption.

This is stated in an announcement on the website of the Icelandic Met Office.

It says that seismic activity in the northern part of Grindavík is still mild. About 20 small earthquakes have been detected every day in the last few days.

It is also revealed that magma accumulation at Svartsengi is continuing and the rate of it has been quite stable, which is very similar to what was seen in the wake of the last volcanic eruptions.

Hazard assessment unchanged

“The events, which began at the end of October 2023 with inflation at Svartsengi, continue. While magma accumulation still grows, a new eruption can be expected in the same regions as before.

Magma accumulation at Svartsengi before the previous eruption started has been approximately 8 to 13 million m3. New calculation models are being developed to get a closer picture of the magma accumulation.

There is no reason to increase the hazard level in the area at this time, and the Met Office’s hazard assessment is therefore unchanged since last time,” the announcement states.

The risk assessment will be updated on Monday February 26 and, unchanged, the risk level will be increased in several areas, along with increased magma levels under Svartsengi, thereby increasing the likelihood of a volcanic eruption.




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