Takes two days to get cold water to Grindavík

The first water will come to the harbour area tomorrow …

The first water will come to the harbour area tomorrow morning and then it will be gradually put to the residential areas of town. mbl.is/Kristinn Magnússon

The gradual release of cold water in Grindavík will begin after 10 am tomorrow. Þorsteinn Ein­ars­son at Þor­steinn’s Lagnaþjónusta plumbing says that the water will be released to the town in stages and it will take two days.

The first part will start with the harbour where the most corporate activity is and then each neighbourhood will be taken for three hours.

He says the reason for this procedure is that in this way people can understand if something is damaged in each neighborhood.

“With this, we can also figure out if there are some pipes damaged in the streets, if there is pressure in them, and other such things. We don’t have much concern about that at the moment,” Einarsson says.

He does not expect damage to be done to houses when water is pumped in but he does not exclude the possibility of finding freezing cracks in the water inlets.

A team of plumbers have been working and Einarsson says all the houses in the town are warm, although some are kept warm by heaters.




7 °C



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9 °C