Agreement on measures on immigration

The leaders of the three parties in government, Bjarni Benediktsson, …

The leaders of the three parties in government, Bjarni Benediktsson, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sigurður Ingi Jóhannsson, Minister of Infrastructure and Katrín Jakobsson, the Prime Minister.

The government has agreed to take action on the issue of applicants for international protection, refugees, and immigrants. This is what the government announced after the meeting ended shortly before noon today.

It states that the policy will be managed comprehensively through increased coordination between ministries and institutions.

In line with other nordic countries

“The aim is to promote better, more efficient, and clearer implementation within the policy area, and improve services to support the management of foreign immigrants and refugees. The overall vision focuses on humanism and respect and combats polarisation in Icelandic society. The aim is to focus more on the implementation of these issues in the Nordic countries so that there is greater coherence between countries.”

Four main objectives

The measures are described as based on four main objectives.

“Firstly, a focus on more efficient and effective regulations and better services. Secondly, the promotion of equal opportunities and participation in society. Thirdly, a better use of human resources. Fourthly, better coordination and coordination,” the report states.

“The measures are based on extensive work and data gathering that has been taking place for two years with the participation of several ministries, institutions, and working groups, including the Working Rights Committee for Foreigners from outside the EEA, the coordination team and the coordinator for refugees, who took up his duties last spring. Additionally, changes to legislation on foreigners regarding international protection have been adopted earlier in this term.”

Spending cuts

They say they will reduce spending and prioritize the funds that go to this category.

“Reducing the number of applications that do not qualify for protection and increasing the efficiency of processing applications saves money, which will be used to increase contributions to ensure Icelandic teaching, increased assistance to children in schools and community education, which helps people to participate actively in Icelandic society.”

The following are seven ministries directly involved in the implementation of the measures:

The Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Social Affairs and the Labour Market, the Ministry of Universities, Industry and Innovation, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Infrastructure, the Ministry of Culture and Commerce, the Ministry of Education, and the Ministry of Children.




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