New rules on accessing Grindavík introduced today Jóhannesson

The Police Chief in Suðurnes, Úlfar Lúðvíksson, will introduce the access arrangements for Grindavík town today. Until then, the same arrangements that have been in place during the last five weeks will be maintained. This is what the Civil Protection Department has announced.

On January 13, the Chief of the National Police decided to deport Grindavík for three weeks, and the decision was later extended until February 19. In the meantime, the Chief of Police in Suðurnes has not decided on access to the area, but he is now taking over that role again.

Still, there are serious risks in Grindavík

In the five weeks, the risk in the town has been assessed and now, for example, the conclusion of the risk assessment by the Civil Protection Department for the risk of fissures is available.

The conclusion is that the risk for residence and operation in Grindavík is acceptable, considering the countermeasures that have been taken.

Despite this, there are still serious risks in Grindavík and it is therefore clear that access will depend on certain conditions, according to the nature of the case.

However, it is now up to Úlfar Lúdvíksson, the police chief in Suðurnes, to assess the risk according to the available data and issue or decide on evacuation if necessary.


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