Can stay in Grindavík at their own risk


Grindavík. Magnússon

The State Commissioner of the Icelandic Police has waived the orders to evacuate from Grindavík. This repeals the decision of the Chief of the Suðurnes Police on evacuation, which was last extended on February 4. The decision takes effect at 7 am tomorrow morning and is valid until  February 29. This is stated in an announcement from Úlfar Lúðvíksson, the police chief in Suðurnes.

Not a place for children

“With regard to the above, the police commissioner of Suðurnes has taken the decision to allow Grindvíkers and those working in Grindavík to stay and work in the town all day long with knowledge of the following:

However, residents and employees enter the town on their responsibility. Each must be responsible for their own actions. The Police Commissioner makes it clear that Grindavík is not a place for children or children to play. There are no schools and the infrastructure is in a state of paralysis. The hot water supply to the town is leaking, presumably under lava, but a fault is being sought. It is recommended that people do not interfere with the settings of hot water in houses. There is still no cold water and therefore no drinking water. Conditions are therefore different than those that can be considered acceptable for living in houses.

Úlfar Lúðvíksson, the Chief of Police in Suðurnes.

Úlfar Lúðvíksson, the Chief of Police in Suðurnes. Jóhannesson

The fissures are widespread in and around the town and cracks can open without notice. The risk of a landslide into cracks and fissure movements is estimated. Countermeasures are and have been in place, which include mapping, surveying, seismographing, and visual inspection.

Open areas in and around Grindavík have not been examined specifically. People need to stay at the sidewalks and streets of the town and avoid going out on the grounds and other open areas.

Grindavík is closed to all but residents, employees, businesses, and those who need to help residents.

There are still risks in the area following the eruption at Stóra Skógfell and conditions inside and outside of the danger areas can change with little notice. In addition, risks can be hidden outside the designated areas. Land inflation is still going on in Svartsengi,” Lúðvíksson states.

QR codes for residents and workers

“QR codes will be issued for Grindvíkers and those who work in the town. It is assumed that they will be valid for a longer period than has been up to now.

Keys to residences/houses are in the possession of the response parties but it is considered convenient to maintain the unchanged arrangements for the surveillance of plumbing construction systems in houses for a little longer.

Closing posts will remain on Grindavíkurvegur, Nesvegur, and Suðurstrandarvegur.




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