Hot water is flowing into the water tanks

Water is now flowing into HS Orka hot-water tanks in Fitjar, but the construction of the new Njarðvík bypass hot water pipeline was expected to take place last night, is stated in an announcement from HS Orka.

Around one o’clock last night, work was finished on welding all the layers together. Afterward, it was dragged by one bulldozer along the lava trail that runs across the lava.

The connectors to the ends were fully built and ready to be mounted. They were in place from three o'clock in the night.

Afterward, work began to start producing hot water in the power plant in Svartsengi and gently letting the water flow into the pipeline.

“A group of people drove along the pipeline during the process to clear the pipe and let out all air from the pipeline to ensure a steady flow. At the same time, employees of HS Orka in a control center controlled the inflow into the pipeline to avoid air generation and abnormal heat expansion on the pipeline,” the announcement states.

A major and unique operation

Thankfully this process was successful and now water from the power plant is flowing into the hot water tanks of HS Orka in Fitjar.

“The progress and organization of this major operation is unique in every way and can be credited to the strength of the civil protection leadership, along with a large number of strong professionals and industry, contractors, and engineers. The concerted efforts of a large number of parties have thus ensured that hot water will hopefully reach every house in Suðurnes in the next few days.”


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