Dancing at home to keep warm

Guðrún Erla Jóhannsdóttir og Tómas Hansson stíga dansspor í stofunni …

Guðrún Erla Jóhannsdóttir og Tómas Hansson stíga dansspor í stofunni heima til að halda á sér hita. mbl.is/Eyþór Árnason

The couple Guðrún Erla Jóhannsdóttir and Tómas Hansson are dancing in the living room to keep warm. They live in Reykjanesbær, but they have been without hot water since Thursday when the Njarðvík hot pipeline burst.

“We just take the dance steps. We do it completely without a thought. No matter how old you are, you can always move. That’s what you have your feet for,” says Guðrún Erla.

The couple is 81 and 83 years old and they were married two years ago, but they had both lost their first spouse.


Have two radiators

Guðrún Erla and Tóm­as rely not only on dance to keep them warm, but also two electric radiators. “We got one from the fire department, and then I had one,” Tóm­as says.

“As soon as it’s cold, I feel the rheumatism. Then summer comes, and I can run everywhere,” says Guðrún, but the weather has been very cold on the Reykjanes peninsula in the last few days, which was very unfortunate with all the hot water out.

“Bolludagur” is today

When Morg­un­blaðið checked the couple’s apartment yesterday, they had just finished shopping for the “Bollu­dagur”­ or cream bun day, which is today.

“We have a lot of children and grandchildren. I’m even a great-great-grandmother. I think I’m the youngest great-great-grandmother in the country. It’s not like he is a newborn baby, he’s already in school,” says Guðrún Erla proudly, and maybe the grandchildren (and grand-grand-children) will be so lucky to have cream buns with their grandparents today.”


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