Working all night repairing the hot water pipeline

The Njarðvík hot pipeline goes from Svartsengi power plant to …

The Njarðvík hot pipeline goes from Svartsengi power plant to Njarðvík. Magnússon

Work has been ongoing to connect new hot water pipes in the section where the lava flow damaged the hot water pipes from Svartsengi to Fitjar around noon yesterday.

It is hoped that this work will be completed today, according to Hjördís Guðmundsdóttir, communications director of the Civil Protection. If the pipes are successfully connected today, hot water can be expected to reach homes in Suðurnesj tomorrow or at the latest on Sunday.

"There was work all night connecting the hot water pipes, and there has also been road construction work going on, that is, an escape road right there by the lava," Guðmundsdóttir tells

Delivered 100 heat blowers yesterday

Guðmundsdóttir tells that it was possible to ensure heat in nursing homes in Suðurnes with heat blowers. The Civil Protection managed to hand over 100 heat blowers to the Suðurnes operations team yesterday, which went into use immediately. She says that a large quantity of heat blowers have been ordered and are expected to arrive in Iceland today.

A lot of people were in stores in Reykjanesbær yesterday …

A lot of people were in stores in Reykjanesbær yesterday to try to buy electric radiators, which have now sold out.

People encouraged to lend electric radiators

People who have electric radiators and heaters, which will not be used, are encouraged to step forward and contribute to the residents of Suðurnesja in the form of a loan of the devices in the coming days.

Agnes Ósk Marzellíusardóttir, founder of the Facebook group “ Aðstoð við Grindvíkinga ” or Aid to the people of Grindavík, encouraged this in a post yesterday. Many people have heeded the call and offered to loan their devices or even as a gift.

Photo/Þorbjörn Rescue Team

The group was founded when the residents of Grindavík were forced to leave their homes in November last year, and the residents there could either request help or their compatriots lend a helping hand.

"Now there are more than residents of Grindavík who need help," writes Marellíusardóttir to the post, but as most people know by now, lava flowed over the Njarðvík hot water pipe yesterday resulting in Suðurnes being without hot water.


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