Outstanding work conducted yesterday and during the night

The work on fixing Njarðvík pipeline to get the hot water supply up and running is going well according to a post on HS Orka’s Facebook page.

Work has been ongoing all night and HS Orka’s employees and contractors have come a long way in connecting the new bypass pipe to the Njarðvík hot water pipe south of the defense wall. Work was conducted on both ends of the pipeline throughout the night. There is optimism that the pipeline will be able to start supplying hot water later today or this evening.

“Both projects have been progressing well but have taken a bit longer than planned, in part due to the time-consuming drainage of the pipe. The pipe needed to be pierced to speed up drainage. The night was bitingly cold, with temperatures reaching minus 14 degrees Celcius. Conditions are also extremely challenging at the edge of the lava field to the north and accessibility is difficult,” the HS Orka Facebook post added.


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