International flights on schedule

Travelers at Keflavík Airport got a good view of the …

Travelers at Keflavík Airport got a good view of the eruption yesterday morning. Photo/Ólafur Már Svavarsson

Gudjón Helgason, the information officer for Isavia, says that all international flights were on schedule this morning.

Isavia took immediate action yesterday after the lava damaged Njarðvík hot water pipe, that supplies hot water for Reykjanes peninsula, resulting in no hot water at the airport. Immediate action was taken and snow-melting and air-conditioning systems were turned off at the terminal in response to the hot water shortage. There is no alternate way to heat water at the airport.

Helgason tells that he doesn’t know that any problems have been created at the airport due to the lack of water, but yesterday, work was underway to install electrical power heaters to keep minimum temperature in passenger zones and their closest environment.


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