"We’ll be here searching until we find him"

The area is very dark now, but lit up with …

The area is very dark now, but lit up with lights. mbl.is/Kristinn Magnússon

Tools belonging to the man who is being searched in Grindavík were found in the fissure in which it is feared that he might have fallen into was reported by Víkurfréttir today. The man who was working with him announced his departure just before 11, but they were contractors working to fill in the fissures.

A large group of responders have been at work all day searching for the man, but there has not been any confirmation that proves that the man fell into the fissure.

Descended into the fissure

Special forces have descended into the fissure in Grindavík, which the man is believed to have fallen into.  Bogi Adólfsson, chairman of the rescue team, says that teams have been called out from all parts of the southern region and the capital region. He said he doesn’t know how deep the fissure is. He also says there are no further clues that have been found showing that the man fell into the fissure.

Earlier in Grindavík today.

Earlier in Grindavík today. mbl.is/Eggert Jóhannesson

Two men were let down in the fissure in Grindavík shortly before 18 am today. A journalist for mbl.is at the scene reports.  Responders have shoveled up material from the fissure and placed nets to prevent more rocks from falling down.

The men were brought up just after 18 today.

Bad weather conditions

Úlfar Lúðvíksson, the police chief of Suðurnes, said he could not provide much more information about the situation. The search is still ongoing and access for rescue workers in the area is being secured.

mbl.is/Eggert Jóhannesson

The area is dangerous

A journalist for mbl.is says that there is a strong rescue effort on the scene. Police, firefighters and rescue teams are in the area, as well as a cranes truck and a fire truck that is on standby.

Weather conditions deteriorating and there is heavy rain in the area.

“We’ll be here searching until we find him,” says Úlfar Lúðvíksson, police chief in Suðurnes, to mbl.is in Grindavík.

Emergency responders have been working on the fissure since before noon today after it was announced that a man had fallen into a fissure. He was compressing soil into a fissure when the accident occurred.

“We’re looking for the man. We haven’t found him yet,” Lúðvíksson says, asked if the responders know about whether the man is in the fissure.

Úlfar Lúðvíksson, police chief in Suðurnes in Grindavík earlier tonight.

Úlfar Lúðvíksson, police chief in Suðurnes in Grindavík earlier tonight. mbl.is/Kristinn Magnússon

The fissure is deep

He stated that he had no idea of the exact depth of the fissure nor how long it is.

“But it is deep,” he says.

Lúðvíksson says that the work is aimed at ensuring working conditions for rescue workers.

There is no daylight now, but the scene is illuminated by strong lights.


Light drizzle


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Light rain


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