Some faults in Grindavík could be preserved

At a meeting of the town council of Grindavík in Reykjavik City Hall recently, it was agreed to postpone repairs of certain faults in the town. There are ideas to preserve them and make them a memorial to the natural disasters in the town.

The town council’s meeting-type statement states that the project needs to be looked at in the future. That is, what cracks and holes there are to keep it as a tourist destination.

Historical event

“This is a historic event that has taken place and we need to preserve some of it. We need to look into it with professionals whether we will have any memorials for this event. Foreign tourists are being taken care of, as are Icelanders. You can look to the Westman Islands and see what was done there,” Helga Dís Jakobsdóttir, vice-chair of the Grindavík town council, told

Jakobsdóttir says that suggestions have been made to the council, including from the Icelandic Tourist Board, that this could be historic. Have the council members been in contact with the Icelandic Tourist Board?

“We are not rushing in this regard and will be looked at further when things start to slow down,” she says.

Ongoing repairs

Jakobsdóttir says that work to close the cracks that have severed roads and cracks with water pipes is ongoing but it was decided to postpone repairs of cracks that are off the beaten path and those that do not pose any risk.

In this context, Jakobsdóttir mentions the largest fissure that runs from the church to the parking lot next to the gym and further northwest of Salthús.


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