Kicked in the head in a mass fight

It is suspected that one man was kicked in the …

It is suspected that one man was kicked in the head, which automatically makes it a major assault. Jóhannesson

The police were called to Austurstræti in Reykjavík just before 4 am Saturday morning because of a major assault. Allegedly one man had been kicked in the head.

This is what Ásgeir Þór Ásgeirsson, deputy police chief at the Icelandic Police in the capital area, says to

However, no major injuries were reported.

“When there is a suspicion that someone has been kicked in the head, it is always reported as a major assault.”

Three arrests and one in the ER

At least four people were physically fighting. Three people were arrested and one was taken by ambulance to the emergency room. One of the arrested people was taken to a prison cell.

When asked about the condition of the man who was kicked in the head, Ásgeirsson says that he had to be convinced to take the ambulance.

The reasons behind the fight are under investigation and Ásgeirsson says that CCTV footage from cameras in the city centre will be used to investigate the matter.




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