The speed of the land rise still considerable

The land rise at Svartsengi has been slowing down in recent days, but is still at a fairly high speed. The speed is measured at about 1 centimeter per day.

This is stated in an announcement on the website of the Icelandic Met Office.

It also states that seismic activity has continued to decrease slowly in the past two days.

Yesterday, around 340 earthquakes were measured near the dike and since midnight today, around 150 earthquakes have been measured.

Magma flowing below Svartsengi

Deformation data and probability calculations indicate that the land rise came from inflows under Svartsengi, rather than magma inflows at the dike.

This means that expansion at Svartsengi will now overwhelm the signals at the dike, although things are slowing down.

The magma inflow into the dike is limited to the area east of the ridge. Although deformation and seismic activity are continuing to decrease, there is still a high probability of a volcanic eruption and if it occurs, the most likely location is east of Mt. Sýlingarfell.


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