The Blue Lagoon extends its closing until November 30

The Blue Lagoon has decided to extend the closing of its operations in Svartsengi until November 30.

The Blue Lagoon announcement states that the operations in question are the Blue Lagoon itself, Silica Hotel, Retreat Hotel, Retreat Spa and the restaurants Moss and Lava.

Initially, a decision was made on November 9 to close until November 16 and the situation would then be re-evaluated.

Get fully reimbursed

“Taking into account the disruption to visitor experience and the long-term stress of workers due to earthquakes, we took these precautions to ensure safety and welfare, which is our main priority now as always,” the announcement states.

The company apologizes for the inconvenience the closing may cause and reiterates that all guests will receive a full refund during this period.


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