Does not rule out liability for damages

Har­ald­­ur­ Bjarna­son, the­ director of Auðkenni, says­ he­ was­ not­ aware­ of­ the fact­ that­ unscrupulous individuals­ had earlier­ managed­ to steal­ ­electronic ID­s­ of­ other­s­ like­ Auðun­ Ing­i Ásgeir­sson­ experienced­ this summer.

A thief managed to get over Ásgeirsson driving licence and enter a home bank by tricking a phone company to revoke Auðun's electronic ID and get new ID issued to another phone number.

This kind of case needs to be investigated

“This is not something we have been involved in,” Bjarnason says, “I don’t know that this kind of issue has come up before.”

He mentions that there have been cases where people have been tricked into accepting entry to areas protected by electronic ID.

Ásgeirsson lost ISK 110 thousand due to the thief's withdrawal of a credit card after he got over his pin number in his online bank. When asked, Bjarnason says that Auðkenni could be liable in such cases.

“This kind of case needs to be investigated and it can be that Auðkenni is liable for compensation and there is a strong demand for Auðkenni and responsibility and that can be one of the possibilities,” says Haraldsson.

He says Auðkenni in connection with the police if such matters arise. He doesn't necessarily say that it's a pre-condition that police cases are completed before people are compensated for damage.

No news of damages in two months

It’s been more than two months since Ásgeirsson contacted Auðkenni about the matter. He says that no one at the company has contacted him since then.

“We do not exclude any liability. If we are not doing enough in our communications, we want to improve it. We point out to those parties who want to contact us,” Bjarnason says.

He points out that if such incidents occur, it is important to contact Auðkenni immediately. You can do so both by identifying yourself with an electronic ID and by calling and requesting a re-call. Then a process will start. Similarly, you can access the app Auðkenni and get a new ID with the help of a passport.


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