What is going on in Grindavík today


Grindavík mbl.is/Kristinn Magnússon

The Chief of Police in Suðurnes has decided to allow residents to enter a defined area in Þórkötlustaðahverfi in Grindavík, it is only done to collect pets and indispensable property. It is an organized operation under the control of the police.

Models drawn by experts from the Icelandic Met Office show a 15 km long dike that lies just northwest of Grindavík.


Grindavík mbl.is/Kristinn Magnússon

High likelyhood of an eruption within days

The magnitude of the magma migration is significant and magma is approaching the surface. Considered to be a significant chance of magma breaking its way to the surface and increased chance of magma being able to occur on the ocean floor. The estimation is that the magma is at 800 m depth or higher, beneath the surface.


Kort Kort

The seismicity has slowed down at Grindavík but the Icelandic Meteorological Office says that the likelihood of a volcanic eruption is high and that an eruption could be possible in a matter of days.

Going well assisting residents

It is going well to let the residents of Þórkötlustaðahverfi enter the town, according to the police chief in Suðurnes. It is not yet known whether more residents of Grindavík will be allowed into the town today to attend to necessities.


Grindavík. mbl.is/Kristinn Magnússon

Residents of Þór-kötlustaðahverfi, located in the eastern part of Grindavík, have been granted permission to enter their homes and collect the most necessary items. One member of each family can enter their house and has about five minutes to collect vital items or pets. The homeowner must be accompanied by first responders.

A view from the north over the Sundhnúka crater row …

A view from the north over the Sundhnúka crater row that lies southwards towards Grindavík, Stóra-Skógfell, Sýlingafell and Mt Þorbjörn to the right of the center. Photo/Siggi Anton

Long fissure opened up in several places around Grindavík

A large and long fissure has opened up in several places in and around Grindavík due to the magma intrusion.

This is what the South Iceland Volcanology and Natural Hazard Group has posted on Facebook.

It refers to pictures from Ingibergur Þór Jónsson of Grindavík taken at 16:30 on Friday at the southwest corner of Grindavík, “and show a concerning development within the town limits”.

The entry says that the crack's glide is a direct result of the magma intrusion, which caused a huge glide in a very short amount of time on Friday.

“Looking towards town, you can see how the fissure heads directly through the center of town. The signs of the fissure disappear under construction, but from the small footage that has been received from the town this weekend, it’s clear that a lot of damage has been done by these fissure movements.”

Grindavík was evacuated on Friday and the Civil Protection declared a state of emergency.




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