The biggest earthquake since the seismic swarm began measuring 4.8

A powerful earthquake began on the Reykjanes peninsula shortly after midnight. The largest earthquake measured 4.8 in magnitude and hit at 00.46, the biggest earthquake since the seismic swarm started on October 25. Its epicenter was just west of Mt. Þorbjörn.

The Icelandic Met Office reports that about 200 earthquakes have been registered since midnight.

Earthquake activity is expected to continue. There are no indications of a volcanic eruption at this time, as stated in the announcement.

Earthquakes felt all the way to Borgarnes

The series of earthquakes began with a magnitude 4.2 earthquake at 00.02 am and the earthquake was acutely felt in the surrounding towns. About ten minutes later another earthquake hit. It was found to be 4.4 magnitude. Their origins were at Sýlingarfell. A considerable number of smaller earthquakes followed.

As before, the largest earthquake in the region hit at 00.46 am and was 5 in magnitude. Seven minutes later, another earthquake hit. It measured 3.5 in magnitude.

The fifth earthquake hit at 01.24 am, and the first numbers from the Met Office indicate that it was slightly smaller than the largest, 4.7 in magnitude.

The Icelandic Met Office has received reports of earthquakes from Reykjanes peninsula up to Borgarnes.

Update: The earthquake was first estimated to be size 5, but now it has been confirmed it was 4.8 in magnitude.



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