Plan for evacuation issued for Grindavík

The Department of Civil Protection and Emergency Management has issued an evacuation plan for Grindavík in the event of a volcanic eruption or a large earthquake. An explanation image accompanying the plan outlines escape routes inside the town as well as out of town.

It gives information about the main institutions and collection centers. Escape routes from town are through Nesvegur, Grindarvíkurvegur and Suðurstrandarvegur.

It is noted that if there is an evacuation, an invitation will be sent from the Emergency line (112). The residents are then obliged to evacuate their houses. People should then:

  • Make sure all windows in their homes are closed, disconnect electrical-equipment and remember your emergency kit.  
  • Leave their homes - A sticker in a prominent place must indicate that the house has been left.
  • If possible, check on your neighbors and colleagues.
  • Drive away with caution.
  • Take in pedestrian evacuees if there is space in cars.
  • Listen to radio and follow the media.
  • Register at a mass-aid center outside of Grindavík.

Not necessary to stop at the collection center

Emergency services and accidents must be notified to phone 112. If there is no telephone connection, a white flag shall be placed on the door or window.

Parents or guardians must attend their children at pre-school and elementary school. They are encouraged to do so on foot if circumstances allow.

A number of aid stations will be established in Reykjaneshöll in Reykjanes, Kórinn in Kópavogur and Vallaskóli in Selfoss.

A collection center in Grindavík will be in the sports center. It is not necessary to stop there. It is mainly intended for those who need assistance to get out of town.

It is important for the people of Grindvík to study this information carefully.




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