RIFF Film Festival has started

Film aficinados will have a field day for the next 11 days because the Reykjavik International Film Festival has begun and they will showcase over 80 feature films and a number of short films from 63 different countries. The main venue for RIFF Film Festival is in Háskólabíó but there will also be screenings and happenings in the Nordic House and Slippbíó. Tickets and film passes are now available on RIFF's homepage.

New films from the biggest film festivals around the world will be screened and this year there will be  multiple Nordic premieres.

RIFF will host several world premieres this year, including "Anselm - Das Rauschen der Zeit" by Wim Wenders, a Nordic premiere, and "Antarctica calling" by Luc Jacquet, RIFF's honorary guest, which recently premiered at a prestigious festival in Rotterdam.

Here is the schedule of screenings.

France in Focus and honorary guests

French filmmaking takes the spotlight at RIFF this year with over 30 full-length films from France will be showcased, celebrating the rich heritage of French cinema.

Honorary guests this year are the French documentary filmmaker, Nicolas Philibert, who is known for this artful and patient exploration of everyday humanity. His latest film, "On the Adamant" (2023) won the top prize this year at the Berlinale.

The Parisian filmmaker and accomplished novelist Catherine Breillat who is celebrated for her intimate and thought-provoking works that explore sexuality, gender dynamics, and familial conflicts.

Isebelle Huppert is a French film superstar who has played over 150 roles in films and television and earned may accolades for her work.

French documentary maker, Luc Jacquet, mentioned here above, is the recipient of RIFF's Environmental Award, the Green Lundi, but Jacquet has been relentless in capturing earth's wonders on film, often taking the viewer to the planet's most remote ecosystems.

The German-Luxembourgish actress Vicky Krieps was honored as the best actress at the 35th European Film Awards held in Reykjavik for her interpretation of Empress Elisabeth of Austria in "Corsage" (2022) directed by Marie Kreutzer.


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