Already more lava than in the last eruption

The lava flow at Litli-Hrútur has now become a little larger than the lava that formed in the eruption at Meradalir in August last year. However, measurements confirm a slow decline in the flow of lava.

This is on the website of the Icelandic Geological Survey, but at noon yesterday, aerial photographs of the new lava were taken.

This lava has now reached 1.2 km2 and its volume is 12.4 million cubic meters. In the last five days, lava flows have been expanding mainly to the east.

“In Meradalir valleys, the lava edge has moved forward by 200 m in the last five days. The flow to the south is now proceeding very slowly, ” the entry reads.

Compared to the 2021 eruption, the amount is still only 8% of what occurred in the six months.

“These first 13 days have been much more intense than the first weeks of the eruption in 2021.”


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