Facility fee at Reynisfjara Black Beach

Next week a new facility fee will be introduced at …

Next week a new facility fee will be introduced at Reynisfjara Black Beach parking lot, from 750 ISK to 1000 ISK despending on which parking lot is used. Morgunblaðið/Sigurður Bogi

A facility fee for the use of the Reynisfjara Black Beach parking lot is to be introduced next week. Íris Guðnadóttir, one of the landowners of Reynisfjara Black Beach, says the purpose of implementing the fee is primarily to cover the cost and contribute to the infrastructure and operation of the area.

In line with what is going on

“There is a huge flow of tourists in Reyinisfjara and the car park is not big enough,” says Guðnadóttir. “The road has been packed up with cars, and there is a risk of accidents and a very high level of chaos in the parking lot. That’s why we’re mainly trying to put a structure in place for parking issues and improve road safety,” she adds.

According to Guðnadóttir, passenger cars will have to pay 1,000 ISK per car at the lower parking area, but 750 ISK being charged at the upper level.

There will then be a second fee for buses and other vehicles. The fee will be collected through Parka’s payment solution, but Íris says the payment in Reynisfjara parking area is in line with what is going on in the south.

The Profits Are Important to the Service

“People are surprised that we haven’t started this long ago,” she says when asked what reaction the facility fee has brought so far.

“The tourism industry in South Iceland has approached the landowners here and are surprised that we are not doing something and taking a facility fee like our neighbors, ” says Guðnadóttir, who adds that ideas for a facility fee in the area have been around for years.

She says the profits from the facility fee are important to the services provided at Reynisfjara. It will help to stimulate both infrastructure development and maintenance in the area, which has long been in the hands of others.

“The restaurant’s operators have taken care of the car park outside, cleared snow, drilled holes, and other things that have to be done in that car park. They have also taken care of the walking path from the car park to the beach. It says that there is a lot of maintenance involved in Reynisfjara’s operation. For example, a place like this would have to collect garbage and offer toilet facilities to visitors, both of which come with considerable expense. “Now the facility fee will make that easier,” she concludes.




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