Woman injured at the quake zone

The rescue tean Þorbjörn in Grindavík is in charge of …

The rescue tean Þorbjörn in Grindavík is in charge of the operation moving the injured woman to further medical assistance. mbl.is/Eggert Jóhannesson

The rescue team Þorbjörn  is now picking up an injured woman in a quake zone between Keilir and Fagradalsfjall. She appears to have fallen while walking up one of the mountains.

The rescue team Þorbjörn is working on the operation in cooperation with the ambulance crew, but it is impossible to get an ambulance to the area. Therefore, the rescue team has tools and equipment to get the woman and take her for further medical evacuation.

Encourages travelers to be careful

Guðni Oddgeirsson of the rescue team Þorbjörn in Grindavík, urges weekend’s travelers to be careful. He says the weather is good and hiking around the volcanic eruption sites is fun.


However, people should be careful that in the event of an eruption to pay particular attention to the contamination of the gas. People should not dwell in recesses where gas pollution may accumulate. The forecast ahead is for a northern wind in this part of the country, and in case of an eruption gas contamination would blow right to the area where the hikers are.

Oddgeirsson did not know exactly how many people are hiking in the area today. Neither the rescue team nor the police have any special operations in the area. It is not yet confirmed whether there will be an eruption although it is said to be very likely, and if the responders were controlling the area, up to the moment of a possible eruption, they would do little else.

750 earthquakes since midnight

The arth is still shaking in the Reykjanes peninsula, but the weather was calm overnight, according to a natural hazards expert at the Met Office. Over 750 quakes were recorded since midnight, with smaller quakes than before, the largest of which was 3.3 magnitude.

The magma is still measured at a depth of one kilometre in the area between Fagradalsfjall and Keilir.

Around eleven o’clock last night, a quake hit the southwest corner of the country, which has been estimated at magnitude 4.0. It is believed to have originated 1.9 km southeast of Keilir, at a depth of 0.1 km.




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