Tesla setting a sales record in Iceland

Teslas are at the top this year in new registered …

Teslas are at the top this year in new registered cars and seem to be very popular with Icelandic drivers. AFP/Brandon Bell

Over 1,300 cars of the Tesla Model Y had been registered in Iceland this year by last Wednesday. That’s the highest number of one type of car in a single year since the beginning of the year.

Specifically, 1,316 Model Y electric vehicles had been registered by then, with the previous record set in 1988 when over 1,200 Toyota Corollas were registered. Toyota Yaris is just a short distance away in third place, with around 1,200 cars registered of that model in 2006.

Based on new registrations

A representative of the Icelandic Transportation Authority said in response to the paper’s query that the Icelandic Transportation Authority does not actually have anything called “sales numbers” in its databases.

This would be a figure for new car registrations every year by model and sub-type, but it would seem that most of those cars are then sold by the importer.

It was also pointed out that there have been cases of individuals importing cars for their own use.




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