Better weather in East of Iceland than in the spanish island Tenerife

Here are pictures from Tenerife and the East of Iceland.

Here are pictures from Tenerife and the East of Iceland. Composite image

If current weather forecasts are on point, the weather will be better in the east of Iceland over the next few days, than on the Spanish island of Tenerife .

This is reflected in a peek at the weather website . The weather forecast for the coming days is, according to meteorologist Sveinn Gauti Einarsson, “incredibly good.”

Best in the East

“The high pressure south of the country continues to pump warm air into our area, accompanied by mild breeze in most of the country. However, the best weather will be in the Northeast and East Iceland. Winds coming from the sea in South and West Iceland will bring a cloud cover and cooler air. Good days are expected to come in between.”

With the article comes a picture showing the weather forecast for the campsite at Stóra-Sandfell for this week. That forecast is just amazing, according to which the temperatures will be above 20 degrees every day. The maps show no precipitation, with a little more or less light cloud and a slow wind.

East Iceland gets more points than Tenerife

“Since 2020, we have calculated the weather. The weather stages indicate the quality of the weather in our opinion will be better in the East of Iceland than in the Canary Islands based on this forecast. The stages are not visible on the Blika website but they are used to calculate the best weather each day and to rank campsites according to weather. Since we started this calculation in the summer of 2020, no higher score has ever been calculated for any place, i.e. better weather for a week-long period than for Stóra Sandfell in the following weeks. However, there were weeks in 2021 that come close and there are only a few days that have been better,” the review stated.

The meteorologists got together and calculated the weather for the same days, or June 14 to 19, based on the forecast in Tenerife. This is a forecast shown below.

Tenerife, as almost always, has fine weather over the next few days. Sun and maximum daily temperatures of 24°-26°. It must be remembered that the YR shows the highest temperature of each day, while the Blika website shows the highest temperature at noon. Maximum temperatures are forecast from 23° to 26° on those same days.

The result of the weather calculations is that the weather will definitely be better in Stóra Sandfell than in Tenerife compared to these forecasts. Today’s average temperature is higher in Tenerife, but cloud cover, wind speed and precipitation will bring down the island in Canary Island. Amazing, but true. It must be remembered, however, that these are purely predictions. It is, however, a sign that the unusually good summer weather will be in the East over the next few days.”




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