Mothers are going to protest tomorrow

Strikes by members of the BSRB union is beginning to have a widespread impact. Among the group most affected are preschool children and their parents.

The mothers Astrid Jóhanna Kristjánsdóttir, Erla Þórdís Traustadóttir and Esther María Ragnarsdóttir all have in common to be with children in kindergartens in Hveragerði. They also have in common that they want to be part of the collective and support the staff in the struggle for collective bargaining. They have therefore announced a protest, in addition to Birgitta Ragnarsdóttir and Indiana Rós Ægissdóttir.

Protesting outside the offices in Borgartún

The protest will take place tomorrow at 10 am outside the offices of the Union of Icelandic Municipalities in Borgartún 30. They are encouging others in the same situation to join them and “support those who do the most important work in the country but not paid accordingly and in all cases paid too little, ” says Ragnarsdóttir.


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