Land Rover in US recalled 111,746 cars

“I don’t think I will get into the same type of car again,” says Margrét Ásta Ívarsdóttir, owner of the car that caught fire in less than 5 minutes.

Karl S. Óskarsson, Land Rover’s sales manager at the BL car dealership, says he is unaware that something like this has happened before. The agency has offered a car to Ívarsdóttir and her family for their use while they decide on their next steps.

The dealership has informed Margaret and her family that they are deeply saddened by the incident, but the cause of the fire is not yet known. The matter is now in the hands of an insurance company.

"We will absolutely assist them through this"

“I think what is left of the car should be brought here to us, to see what can have happened,” he says, adding, “We’ve never had reports of this happening, at least never here in Iceland, and we haven’t had reports of this from abroad.

He says the car was not purchased from BL, but that it didn’t make a big difference, it was being serviced by the dealership and was new when it was imported. The next step is to inform Land Rover manufacturer, to try to get to the bottom of the matter.

“It’s certainly a very, very strange thing,” Óskarsson says, adding, “We will absolutely assist them through this.”

Recalls both in the US and the European Union

The National Highway Traffic Association, reported in August 2021 that the Land Rover manufacturer in the US, Jaguar Land Rover North America, LLC, recalled a total of 111,746 Range Rover Sport and LR4 models due to fire hazards.

On Cnet it is reported that Land Rover had issued a recall on August 12 2021 over “concerns that a cracked fuel outlet flange on the tank may crack and  cause a fuel leak,” and they continue saying that the fix for the problem is relatively easy and the repairs will be done at no cost to the owners of said vehicles.

There was also a recall in the European Union for Land Rover Discovery Sport 2018-2019 according to the website  “Due to a manufacturing issue, the fuel feed hose assembly may have been incorrectly routed and as a result could split. This may lead to a fuel leak into the engine bay, increasing the risk of fire.”


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