Postponing summer for a few daysÁrni Sæberg

Windy conditions will continue over the next few days with more of the rain that has been in recent days. There is also the possibility that yellow weather warnings that are in effect until Wednesday morning will be extended. The information officer of Landsbjörg asks people to exercise caution and secure loose items. Particular attention should be paid to the summer furniture.

This morning, the National Weather Service issued yellow warnings for much of the country. The warnings will be effective as of tomorrow morning and will be valid until Wednesday.​Hari

Rain chances galore

Marcel de Vries, a meteorologist with the Icelandic Met Office, said that bad weather is expected to continue in the coming days. The entire country will be hit hard by winds and heavy rainfall.

He said that the rainfall will increase this afternoon in the southern part of the country, and it dissipates all over the country during the night. Wind will likely pick up this evening as well.

Then tomorrow the wind will be from the southwest and move at fifteen to twenty-three feet per second with showers and hail. In the northwest we can expect snow flurries. The wind will then slow down and it will be drier in the northeast.

He says that thunderstorms in the western part of the country are a possibility.

Summer furniture back inside

Jón Þór Víglundsson, information officer of the Icelandic Accident Prevention Society, Landsbjörg, says the rescue team is prepared to handle the calls. However, no special arrangements will be made for the weather in the coming days and calls have been few so far.

It appeals to people to be cautious and to secure any loose items. Attention should be paid to the summer furniture, which no doubt many have just taken out.

“People are probably gearing up for summer, but it is better to be safe than sorry and make sure no items can unsecured outside. There’s a reason to take these steps so that not everything will take off in the wind. Winter doesn’t seem to be over yet,” says Víglundsson.


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