Three new viewing platforms coming at Dynjandi waterfall

Tourist and ranger facilities at Dynjandi waterfall in Arnarfjörður improve further this summer when a footpath will be extended up to the waterfall and three new viewing platforms will be installed. Ríkiskaup, Central Public Procurement, has advertised for a developer to handle the work.

Tourist facilities at the waterfall were dramatically improved in the period 2016-2020. A new footpath was constructed to lookout platforms at Göngumannafoss and Hrísvaðsfoss, and new parking spaces were constructed and facilities for rangers and visitors were installed.

Improved guest safety

The project is now a direct result of what was done before. A hiking trail will continue up to Dynjandi waterfall itself and three new steel observation platforms will be placed at Strompgljúfursfoss and Hæstahjallafoss. The new facility is intended to improve both the views and the safety of visitors to the site.

Looking for a Developer

Central Public Procurement is currently advertising on behalf of FSRE, the Icelandic Government Property Agency for a developer to carry out the project, while the designer of viewing platforms, parking lots and walkways is Landform, a landscape architects in Selfoss. Arkís Architechts were responsible for designing buildings in the area, which is set to be completed next October.

Below is a video showing what the Dynjandi facility will be like after construction:




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